Pastor Joseph (Joe) Ward was born and grew up in York, PA. Being greatly influenced by his Christian parents; George A. & Evelyn S. Ward; to be involved in various christian ministries from youth including: church, camp, choral, orchestra and band. Joe came to know the Lord in the early 70's and has been actively involved in studying and learning Bible verses since then.
Joe currently has an Associate's Degree in Business Management from the former Thompson Institute of Harrisburg as well as a degree in Welding at York School of Technology. He is also continuing his education in Theology at a local college and correspondence courses.
Joe has been actively involved with the York County Prison Ministry (YCP), local camp ministries and has been a teaching Elder for children and adults at Ambassadors Bible Chapel since 2006. But Joe's main passion is to share The Lord Jesus Christ and Him Crucified and to give people hope when there is no hope.

Associate Pastor - Joseph Ward


Activities coordinator - Pam Petersheim

Church Secretary - Joan Hale 

Congregational Chairman - Jerry Gutshall

Pastor Dave is originally from York County and grew up in York City.  After serving in the U.S. Army Dave married Kay some 48 years ago.  They have four daughters, Dana, Krista, Anna & Julia and 7 grandchildren.  Some of Dave’s personal interests include spending time with his dear wife and family, reading history and being involved in the shooting sports.  He has a heart for the Lord and a passion for sharing the gospel message.  Dave also considers himself to be a lifelong student of the Bible and finds great joy in studying and teaching the Word of God.  He had served as a pastor in 3 congregations over 25 years prior to accepting the call to Ambassador’s Bible Chapel in 2007 as senior pastor.  He is now serving as pastor emeritus on a part time basis under senior pastor David Fry.  Dave earned his Bachelor of Science in Bible degree with a minor in pastoral studies from Lancaster Bible College in 1978.  He also earned his Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary Dallas, Texas in 1980.   He loves to preach and teach the Word of God and does itinerant preaching.

Deacon Board

- Brian Lawyer 

- Don Beckman (Church Treasurer) 

- Jerry Gutshall (Congregational Chairman) 

- Ray Weaver

- Rick Hendrickson

Elder Board

- David Slautterback 

- Joseph Ward

Pastor Emeritus - David SLautterback