Activities coordinator

-Pam Petersheim

Pastor Sean Roche was raised in the Philadelphia area. After a period of drug and alcohol abuse in his teenage years, followed by a time of sobriety through a twelve step fellowship, Sean began to read the Bible to seek if it was true.  He heard someone say that “The Bible was either all true or not true at all.” Over time, after much wrestling, he came to believe that the Bible is as it claims to be: the very true Word of God.

His call to ministry followed, with involvement in the local church through street witnessing, youth ministry, teaching at a Christian school, and with being a missionary in Mexico and inner-city Philly. In 2011, the Roches started a potential church plant through Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia. After five years of leading that work, Sean transitioned from being
bi-vocational into full-time ministry. The Roche family look forward to the thrill and privilege of teaching the Word of God faithfully and seeing what the Lord has in store for this new season at Ambassador’s Bible Chapel.

Church Secretary

- Joan Hale 

Senior Pastor - sean roche

Congregational Chairman - Ray Weaver

Elder Board

- Sean Roche

- David Slautterback 

Deacon Board

- Don Beckman (Church Treasurer) 

- Gerald Cassell

- Jerry Gutshall

- Rick Hendrickson
- David Martin 
- Ray Weaver (Congregational Chairman)